Friday 18 March 2011

John Stott: A Portrait by his Friends

Christopher J.H. Wright (ed.), John Stott: A Portrait by his Friends (Nottingham: IVP, 2011), 224pp., ISBN 9781844745166.

This, just about to come out, is bound to be a captivating read. Chris Wright gives some of the background in the Preface:

‘The idea was first conceived, in fact, by John Stott himself... John was enormously grateful for the two-volume authorized biography by Timothy Dudley-Smith (as he later was for the more popular-level biography by Roger Steer; both published by IVP). But he felt that a more personal picture could be painted by those who had known him more intimately over the years – and he insisted it should be a frank and honest portrait, ‘warts and all’, as he put it. He came up with an initial list of people who, he thought, would have some interesting perspectives on different phases of his life and ministry. He asked me if I might be willing to take on the task of inviting them to contribute, and then assume full responsibility for the selection and editing of whatever emerged. He insisted that he did not wish to read any of the contributions himself, in order that people should feel free to speak the truth as they saw it without embarrassment. He also intended that the book should be published posthumously, but he later agreed to the request of IVP, who happily accepted the proposal provided it could be published alternatively for his ninetieth birthday, if he should reach that great milestone.’

The book is also profiled here by David Neff at Christianity Today.


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