Tuesday 22 June 2010


Intégrité: A Faith and Learning Journal is published twice a year by the Faith & Learning Committee and the Humanities Division of Missouri Baptist University.

The journal examines historical, philosophical, theological, cultural, and pedagogical issues related to the integration of Christian faith and higher learning. They note that ‘intégrité’ is a French word translated into English as ‘totality’, ‘integrity’, ‘honesty’, commenting that John Calvin considered ‘intégrité’ as whole-hearted or integrated commitment to God.

It’s not clear whether the journal has ceased publication, since the most recent volume appears to be 8, 1 (Spring 2009), available here, but previous issues are available on the same page.

As an indication of content, articles in 8, 1 (Spring 2009) are as follows:

James F. West
Quae res Excelentia? Virtus, Veritas, Excelentia

Cordell P. Schulten
Imago Dei: Made in God’s Image to be Lords, Stewards or Servants of Creation?

Mary C. Bagley and Craig Bodenschatz
Dusty Books and the Talking Fawns Who Tell Their Tales: The Enigma of C.S. Lewis

John J. Han
Departing the Corporeal World: O’Connor’s Neoplatonic Idea of Redemption in ‘A Good Man Is Hard to Find,’ ‘The River,’ and ‘The Displaced Person’

C. Clark Triplett
‘The Perverse Core of Christianity’: A Review of Two Recent Works on the Radical Materialist Theology of Slovaj Žižek

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