Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Encounters 33 (June 2010) – The Psalms and Mission

The June 2010 edition of Encounters from Redcliffe College is devoted to the Psalms and mission. This follows the launch event of the Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission and the delivery of a lecture (on that occasion) by Gordon Wenham on ‘The Nations in the Psalms’. That lecture is included in this issue of Encounters, along with responses from Tim Davy (Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission), Eddie Arthur (Wycliffe Bible Translators), and David Spriggs (Bible Society). In addition to other articles on the Psalms and mission, the edition includes the excellent chapter on ‘Praying the Psalms’ from Ian Stackhouse’s book, The Day is Yours: Slow Spirituality in a Fast-Moving World (Bletchley: Authentic, 2008).

Tim Davy
Editorial: The Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission

Gordon Wenham
The Nations in the Psalms

Tim Davy
The Nations in the Psalms and the Psalms in the Nations: A Response

Brian Russell
Psalms 1-2 as an Introduction to Reading the Psalms Missionally

Eddie Arthur
Reflections on the Nations in the Psalms

David Spriggs
The Nations in Isaiah 40-55

Name withheld
Missionary Attrition and the Psalms of Lament

Tony Hughes
A Missional Reading of Psalm 47

Ian Stackhouse
Praying the Psalms

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