Tuesday 20 April 2010

LST InSight (Spring 2010) on Politics and Christianity

The Spring 2010 issue of InSight from London School of Theology is available online here as a pdf. It is devoted to politics and Christianity, and contains the following short pieces:

Nola Leach
What Issues Should I Consider When Deciding How to Vote?

Laurie O’Brien
A Year in Politics: Reflections of a Former Theology Student

Don Horrocks
How Can Christians Influence the Political Process?

Paul Woolley
Towards a Theology of Politics

Steve Walton
Luke, the Roman Empire and Politics

Anna Robbins
Power to Serve

Jean-Marc Heimerdinger
Who Does God Vote For? Perspectives from the Hebrew Bible

There is also a report on the Laing Lecture 2010, given by Alister McGrath, along with some book reviews.

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