Friday 5 February 2010

Peter Meadows on Being Busy

A friend and former colleague has drawn my attention (via a Facebook link) to this blog entry by Peter Meadows:

Could it be my fault I’m ‘this’ busy?

His three helpful points are:

(1) We foolishly believe our value is based on what we do or achieve rather than who we are.

(2) We fail to recognise that saying ‘yes’ to ‘this’ means saying ‘no’ to ‘that’.

(3) We don’t say ‘no’ because we are not clear enough about what we have said ‘yes’ to.

Unusual personal reflection coming up…

Unless I am completely lacking in self-awareness, I don’t have a personal problem with point 1. (As in, I don’t do things or say ‘yes’ to things out of some system that attaches value to what I do or achieve… although nor do I want to diminish the importance of taking into account what people do ‘do’ or ‘achieve’, as if that has no significance whatsoever.)

Points 2 and 3, however, are much more interesting to me…

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