Monday 31 August 2009

Southern Baptist Journal of Theology 9, 3 (2005) on Nehemiah

Southern Baptist Journal of Theology 9, 3 (2005) was devoted to Nehemiah, with the following essays available online:

Stephen J. Wellum
Editorial: Proclaim the Whole Counsel of God

Mark Dever
The Message of Nehemiah: Rebuilding

Russell T. Fuller
Ezra: The Teacher of God’s Word and Agent of Revival

Stephen G. Dempster
The Place of Nehemiah in the Canon of Scripture: Wise Builder

Peter J. Gentry
Nehemiah 12: Restoring the City of God or How to Preach a List of Names

Tiberius Rata
God as Restorer: A Theological Overview of the Book of Nehemiah

Terry J. Betts
The Book of Nehemiah in its Biblical and Historical Context

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