Friday 21 August 2009

American Theological Inquiry

American Theological Inquiry is a biannual journal of theology, culture and history, formed in 2007. Its purpose is ‘to provide an inter-tradition forum for scholars who affirm the historic Ecumenical Creeds of Christendom to constructively communicate contemporary theologies, developments, ideas, commentaries, and insights pertaining to theology, culture, and history toward reforming and elevating Western Christianity’.

The issues are free to download as pdfs, and they typically contain an interesting mix of biblical, theological, and historical reflection, along with a good section of book reviews.

The contents of the most recent volume – 2, 2 (July 2009) – are as follows:

Patristical Reading

St. Irenaeus
Against Heresies, III:1-6


Paul D. Janz
What is ‘Transformation Theology’?

Glenn B. Siniscalchi
Evangelization and the New Atheism

Ian Hugh Clary
Alexander Carson (1776-1844): ‘Jonathan Edwards of the Nineteenth Century’

Sister J. Sheila Galligan, IHM
Robert Coles: Seeing the Secular in Light of the Sacred

Stephen M. Clinton
Conceptual Foundations for Theosis and Postmodern Theology

J. Lyle Story
All is Now Ready: An Exegesis of ‘The Great Banquet’ (Luke 14:15-24) and ‘The Marriage Feast’ (Matthew 22:1-14)

Richard H. Fitzgerald
On Confirmation

Jack Van Marion
The ‘Ruinous’ Work of the Spirit

Book Reviews

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