Tuesday 26 May 2009

Immortal Honours Rest on Jesus’ Head

I had my formative Christian years in a tradition which sung hymns by William Gadsby (1773-1844), a hymn writer and pastor of a Strict Baptist Church in Manchester for 38 years. ‘Immortal honours’ is probably his most well-known hymn, and I never fail to be moved by its mixture of strong theology and deep personal piety.

Immortal honours rest on Jesus’ head,
My God, my portion, and my living bread.
In him I live, upon him cast my care;
He saves from death, destruction and despair.

He is my refuge in each deep distress,
The Lord my strength and glorious righteousness.
Through floods and flames he leads me safely on,
And daily makes his sovereign goodness known.

My every need he richly will supply,
Nor will his mercy ever let me die.
In him there dwells a treasure all divine,
And matchless grace has made that treasure mine.

O that my soul could love and praise him more,
His beauties trace, his majesty adore;
Live near his heart, upon his bosom lean,
Obey his voice and all his will esteem.

William Gadsby (1773-1844)


Brett Jordan said...

I'm guessing you just forgot to include the arm-actions?

Antony said...

I’ll explain those in another post.