Thursday 4 May 2023

Evangelical Review of Theology 47, 2 (May 2023)

The latest Evangelical Review of Theology, published by The World Evangelical Alliance, is now online and available in its entirety as a pdf here.

Introduction: Don’t Run from Controversy

Joseph W. Handley, Jr.

The Great Collaboration: Catalyzing Disciple Making for the Global Church

The author, a leading participant in the WEA’s Decade of Disciple Making and its associated ‘Galilean Movement’, surveys the current challenges facing the global church with regard to disciple making. He describes work being advanced by the WEA and the Lausanne Movement and calls for deeper engagement in collaboration to accelerate disciple making globally.

Jay Matenga

Our Missions Future: Local Impact, Ripples and Waves

Joel Pfahler

When the Game Stops ... for Prayer

Sports chaplains are always on call, serving a frequently unreached people group: professional athletes. This article describes their behind-the-scenes work in a manner that offers lessons for Christian ministry – and on how Christian sports fans can represent Christ more fully.

Thorsten Prill

Evangelical Missionaries and the Lack of Cross-Cultural Competence: An Historical Perspective

This article describes how 19th-century evangelical missionaries to Africa erected barriers that hindered the spread of the gospel due to their lack of cross-cultural skills. It also discusses positive examples and draws applications to the contemporary church setting.

Bruce Barron

Introduction to the Next Two Articles

Richard P. Moore

The New Apostolic Reformation and Its Threat to Evangelicalism

The New Apostolic Reformation, among the latest in a long series of theological and practical controversies among independent charismatics, has significant impact on evangelicals globally, especially through the music produced by Bethel Church in California. Along with conducting extensive research using primary sources, the author of this article has personally experienced the NAR’s impact in Europe.

Joseph Mattera

The Global Apostolic Movement and the Progress of the Gospel

The controversy over the New Apostolic Reformation (see previous article) can overshadow a different, more biblically grounded approach to mobilizing ‘apostles’ and ‘prophets’ strategically in church planting in mission. These excerpts from apostolic leader Joseph Mattera’s recent book present the biblical basis and positive potential of this approach, along with insightful distinctions between true and false apostles and challenges facing the church in Latin America, Africa and the USA.

Brent Neely

The Weight of Sin: Islam, Anselm and Barth

Muslim thinkers have often criticized Christians for a morbid view of sin, for a limited view of human capacity, and for insisting that only the death of Jesus could solve humanity’s sin problem. This article scrutinizes and affirms Christians’ penchant for taking sin very seriously, against the background of the challenges posed by a group of prominent Muslim thinkers.

Daniel Kirkpatrick

What Is Redeemed in Redemption? An Argument for Unconditional Redemption

This article engages recent literature regarding the doctrine of redemption, the person and role of the redeemer, and the object that is redeemed. It argues for a solely divine redeemer and faith as a response to, not a cause of, redemption.

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