Tuesday, 20 December 2022

Christian History Magazine on Erasmus

The latest issue of Christian History Magazine is devoted to Erasmus – ‘Christ’s Humanist’.

Here’s the issue blurb:

‘How much do you know about Erasmus? You might know that he disagreed with Luther, but did you know that this sixteenth century thinker was also a prolific writer, biblical humanist, and a critic of the Catholic hierarchy? In this issue of CH, discover Erasmus the church reformer, Erasmus the Renaissance humanist, and Erasmus the faithful Catholic. Follow him on his journeys around Europe as he built up a network of friends and patrons; a forerunner of today’s great troop of “alt-ac” PhDs with academic training but no academic institution to call home. Observe him, with the help of friendly printers, become a one-man publishing operation with a far-reaching audience – a forerunner again, but this time perhaps of today’s Instagram influencers. See his concern for how we educate the young and how we use our words wisely and well. Read his works, with their light, ironic, witty skewering of the pompous and hypocritical. Come to appreciate Erasmus: a man with a deep and sincere faith and a desire to follow the “philosophy of Christ.”’

The whole magazine is available as a 12.9 MB pdf here.

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