Saturday 19 March 2022

Journal of Biblical Theology and Worldview 2, 2 (2022)

The latest issue of the Journal of Biblical Theology and Worldview, published by BJU Seminary, has just been made available online.

Contents as below are available from here, with the whole issue available for download as a pdf here.

Ken Burkett

Did Elijah Really Ascend into Heaven in a Whirlwind?

Andrew Minnick

Bringing Many Sons to Glory: The Theological Intersection of Sonship and Resurrection in Redemption and Christology – Part 3

Renton Rathbun

The Epistemological Problem of Common Ground between Believer and Unbeliever in the Search for a Biblical Method of Apologetics

Mark Sidwell

The Life of Christ As the Center of History in Jonathan Edwards’s History of the

Work of Redemption

Layton Talbert

“Greater Is He Than Man Can Know”: Divine Repentance and a Brief Inquiry into Anthropomorphism & Anthropopathism, Impassibility and Affectability

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