Wednesday 8 September 2021

Mission Frontiers 43, 5 (September-October 2021)

The September-October 2021 issue of Mission Frontiers, published by the U.S. Center for World Mission, contains a number of articles exploring the question: ‘Is the World Still a Waffle?’

Here is the issue blurb, which sets the scene:

‘The world is a very different place than it was nearly 50 years ago when the people group paradigm was birthed. Should the missions community still view the world as a waffle? Is traditional ethnolinguistic people group thinking still relevant? This issue will address how the waffle barriers are changing. Global trends are creating new social dynamics and changing both the barriers and boundaries by which groups are defined. New hybrid, trans-national and dynamic groupings must be considered for evangelistic purposes, Disciple Making and Church Planting Movements. Most of the material in this issue is important in shaping our thinking.’

The issue is available here, from where individual articles can be downloaded, and the entire issue can be downloaded as a pdf here.

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