Wednesday 12 August 2020

Commentaries for Christian Formation

I’ve blogged on previous occasions (here, for example) about my affection for biblical commentaries.

So, I was excited to see that Eerdmans have announced a brand new commentary series – Commentaries for Christian Formation – the inaugural volume of which will be on Galatians, by N.T. Wright

Here is the series description:

‘The Commentaries for Christian Formation (CCF) series serves a central purpose of the Word of God for the people of God: faith formation. Some series focus on exegesis, some on preaching, some on teaching, and some on application. This new series integrates all these aims, serving the church by showing how sound theological exegesis can underwrite preaching and teaching, which in turn forms believers in the faith.

‘Uniting these volumes is a shared conviction that interpreting Scripture is not an end in itself. Faithful belief, prayer, and practice, deeper love of God and neighbor: these are ends of scriptural interpretation for Christians. The volumes in Commentaries for Christian Formation interpret Scripture in ways aimed at ordering readers’ lives and worship in imitation of Christ, informing their understanding of God, and animating their participation in the church’s global mission with a deepened sense of calling.’

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