Friday 22 December 2017

Bulletin of Ecclesial Theology 4, 2 (2017)

The latest issue of the Bulletin of Ecclesial Theology is now available, carrying the below essays on the doctrine of creation, exploring ‘Biblical, doctrinal, and ethical matters more broadly as they arise from and lead to engagement with God’s creation’. The issue is available from here via a painless sign-up link.

Jarrod M. Longbons
I Seen a Better World’: Theology’s Gift to Ecology

Jeremy Mann
Sacramental Ontology and Calvin: Toward a Re-enchanted World

Matthew Mason
The Authority of the Body: Discovering Natural Manhood and Womanhood

Benjamin D. Espinoza
Faith, Science, and Ecclesial Culture: Engaging STEM Professionals in the Life of the Church

Jeremy Mann
A Consecrated Cosmos? First Timothy 4:1–5 in Exegetical and Theological Perspective

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