Friday 25 March 2016

Mercy Speaks by Jesus’ Blood

I had my formative Christian years in a tradition which sung hymns by William Gadsby (1773-1844), a hymn writer and pastor of a Strict Baptist Church in Manchester for 38 years.

One scholar has written that Gadsby ‘stands at the intersection of late-eighteenth-century Enlightenment thought and early-nineteenth-century romanticism, balancing between these two ways of thinking’.

‘Immortal honours rest on Jesus’ head’ is probably his most well-known hymn, and I never fail to be moved by its mixture of strong theology and deep personal piety.

But for this year’s Good Friday, I thought I’d share a lesser-known one...

Mercy speaks by Jesus’ blood;
Hear and sing, ye sons of God;
Justice satisfied indeed;
Christ has full atonement made.

Jesus’ blood speaks loud and sweet
Here all Deity can meet,
And, without a jarring voice,
Welcome Zion to rejoice.

Should the law against her roar,
Jesus’ blood still speaks with power,
‘All her debts were cast on me,
And she must and shall go free.’

Peace of conscience, peace with God,
We obtain through Jesus’ blood;
Jesus’ blood speaks solid rest;
We believe, and we are blest.

William Gadsby (1773-1844)


MaB said...

Hello Antony. Indelible Grace have been producing some wonderful 'folksy' versions of older hymns including this Gadsby one to which you refer. On the album "She Must and Shall Go Free" (which i recommend btw) you can find the smoother studio version of this Sandra McCracken/Derek Webb take on it. There is an added poignancy which unfortunately attaches when seeing this but don't let that spoil it for you. It's still a beautiful song and done well I feel. The LORD will sort the rest out later....
I hope you enjoy it.
Michael B.

Antony said...

Thanks Michael. I’m grateful for the link. I thought that was a moving rendition. Thanks too for the recommendation, which I’ve ordered. Again, much appreciated – Antony