Monday, 2 March 2015

Knowing and Doing (Spring 2015)

The Spring 2015 edition of Knowing & Doing – ‘A Teaching Quarterly for Discipleship of Heart and Mind’ – from the C.S. Lewis Institute is now available online (here as a pdf), and contains the following articles:

Terry Lindvall
The Role of Laughter in the Christian Life
Dr. Terry Lindvall has written an engaging article on the role of humor for the disciple of Jesus.

Randy Newman
Tensions in Evangelism
Dr. Randy Newman, Senior Teaching Fellow for Apologetics and Evangelism, highlights the hidden tensions we often experience when we share the Gospel with our neighbors.

Gerald R. McDermott
A Thumbnail Sketch of Hinduism(s) for Christians
Gerald McDermott provides Christians with an insightful overview of Hinduism.

Michael Suderman
How To Speak To Your Hindu Neighbor
Michael Suderman, an Oxford trained apologist serving in the Washington, D.C. area with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, shares helpful and practical tips on outreach to your Hindu friends.

Thomas A. Tarrants, III
Two Final Things, Then Home at Last
Dr. Tom Tarrants, City Director for Washington, D.C., takes us where many theologians fear to tread and helps us thoughtfully reflect upon the taboo topics of death and final judgment – the two things that we must all face in the end.

Joel S. Woodruff
Is My Child a Follower of Jesus?
President Joel S. Woodruff provides helpful thoughts on ways to discern the conversion of a child.

LeAnne Martin
A Love Without End
C.S. Lewis Institute Fellow LeAnne Martin shares a beautiful commentary on C.S. Lewis’s poem that begins, “Love’s as warm as tears.”

A Fellow’s Journey:
Interview with Annie Nardone
C.S. Lewis Institute Fellow Annie Nardone tells how she has sharpened her apologetic tools to effectively disciple others.

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