Friday 11 July 2014

Klaus D. Issler on Work in Jesus’ Parables

Klaus D. Issler has an essay in Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 57, 2 (2014) on ‘Exploring the Pervasive References to Work in Jesus' Parables’.

The Institute for Faith, Work & Economics has published a shorter, less-technical piece by him on the same topic: ‘Examining Jesus’ Inclusion of Work Roles in His Parables’. The article unfolds in three parts: (1) Jesus at Work as a Tradesman; (2) The Majority of Jesus’ Parables Include Work in the Main Storyline; (3) Considering the Three Main Workforce Sectors Today.

He explores similar subject matter in shorter articles, ‘Jesus at Work’ and ‘Jesus Values Business’, excerpted or adapted from his book, Living into the Life of Jesus: The Formation of Christian Character (Downers Grove: IVP, 2012).

From my perspective, a biblical theology of work needs more than appeals to Jesus’ own trade and the references to work in his parables, but such certainly provides helpful background colour which is totally in line with what Scripture says elsewhere about the value of work in God’s design for men and women.

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