Monday 10 March 2014

Greg Forster on Joy for the World (1)

Greg Forster, Joy for the World: How Christianity Lost Its Cultural Influence and Can Begin Rebuilding It (Wheaton: Crossway, 2014), 313pp., ISBN 9781433538001.

The (1) in the title of this post may be a bit ambitious, as there might not be a (2) or a (3), but I wanted to clock this stimulating book which was my commute reading last week.

It comes with a foreword from Tim Keller and includes recommendations from – and cites the influence of – others who have written in the broad area of Cristian engagement with culture, but who occupy different places in the spectrum of opinion as to what that could and should look like. So, in part, I was curious to know whether Forster was offering some kind of middle way in the current discussion in some circles about how far Christians should be seeking to ‘transform’ culture.

Those interested in getting a feel for the book could download a pdf excerpt here, and there is an interview with Greg Forster about the book here.

Although it’s been out only a matter of weeks, there’s already a review (by Jake Meador) here, and Ed Stetzer has compiled a list of 20 quotes from the book here.

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