Friday 10 January 2014

Barna Frames

This new venture looks like it could be significant – Frames, from the Barna Group – ‘short yet meaningful reads on the top issues facing us in today’s complex culture’.

Personally speaking, I shudder at the tag-line – ‘Read Less. Know More.’ – but that hasn’t stopped me ordering ‘Season One’ (I don’t like that, either) of this proposed annual series, which includes short books on select topics as below:

David Kinnaman and Jun Yong
The Hyperlinked Life: A Theology of Information in the Screen Age

Kate Harris
Wonder Women: The Challenges of Being a Woman Today

David H. Kim
20 and Something: The New Shape of Young Adulthood

Carol Howard Merritt and Tyler Wigg-Stevenson
Fighting for Peace: Christians in a Culture of Violence

Bob Goff
Multi-Careering: Finding Work That Matters

Claire Diaz-Ortiz
Greater Expectations: Stewardship of Life in the Digital Age

Jedd Medefind
Becoming Home: Adoption, Foster Care, and Mentoring

Nicole Baker Fulgham
Schools in Crisis: Helping Children Thrive in Public Schools

Jon Tyson
Sacred Roots: Why Church Still Matters

More information, including short video introductions to each title, is available here.

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