Friday, 28 September 2012

International Bulletin of Missionary Research 36:4 (October 2012)

The latest issue of International Bulletin of Missionary Research carries the feature articles noted below.

Jonathan J. Bonk’s editorial – ‘Mission in Bold Humility’ – sets something of a tone:

‘With support from texts such as Isaiah 14:12–20, theologians have generally agreed that the mother of all sins – Lucifer’s folly – is pride. We human beings have proven sadly receptive to the Great Deceiver’s DNA. Pride of race, nation, clan, religion, profession, and accomplishment flourish in the fertile soil of individual and collective egocentrism.

‘Whatever the thrust of Christian missionary labors – whether incarnation among Muslims or disembodied voices over the airwaves – genuine humility is not only appropriate but essential (Mark 10:41–45). Mission, in line with the wise counsel of the late David Bosch, is a life of adventure that requires bold humility.’

Mark Shaw
Robert Wuthnow and World Christianity: A Response to Boundless Faith

Todd Hartch
Ivan Illich and Leo Mahon: Folk Religion and Catechesis in Latin America

Albrecht Hauser
Da‘wah: Islamic Mission and Its Current Implications

Eric N. Newberg
Said’s Orientalism and Pentecostal Views of Islam in Palestine

Timothy Stoneman
Radio Missions: Station ELWA in West Africa

Samuel Escobar
My Pilgrimage in Mission

Claudette LaVerdiere
Revisiting the Legacy of Mary Josephine Rogers

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