Thursday 8 December 2011

Global Gospel Project

Mark Galli, ‘Making Disciples Today: Christianity Today’s New Global Gospel Project’, Christianity Today (2 December 2011).

Michael Horton, ‘Why We Need Jesus’, Christianity Today (2 December 2011).

Mark Galli announces here a projected five-year enterprise from Christianity Today called the Global Gospel Project, which will have seven emphases:

• Biblical

• Broadly evangelical

• Set in the local church

• God-centered

• Question-driven

• Global

• Joyful

Calling for ‘a full-orbed discipleship of heart, mind, soul, and strength’, Galli promises they will look at ‘a biblically based theology through the lens of the classic creeds, ethics through the Ten Commandments, and spirituality through the Lord's Prayer, as well as the nature of teaching’.

The series begins with a piece by Michael Horton on ‘Why We Need Jesus’. Those familiar with some of Horton’s recent works will not be surprised to hear those chords resounding here too:

‘Biblical faith emphasizes that we cannot ascend to God on our own; rather, the God of the Bible descends down to us.’

‘There is no passable route from us to God. We cannot climb the ladder of mysticism, speculation, or merit. In pride, we try to rise to heaven through reason, but God descends to us in humility and self-sacrificial generosity. We seek the truth within ourselves or in universal laws derived from our moral intuition, but God surprises us – and his name is Jesus.’

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