Tuesday, 30 August 2011


I subscribed to Kategoria over a period of a few years, and really enjoyed its mix of articles on ‘public’-type issues from a Christian perspective. So I’m really glad to see that the Gospel Coalition website are hosting a page devoted to it, where all 31 issues of its run can be downloaded.

Here is their blurb:

Kategoria was a quarterly journal published by the Matthias Centre for the Study of Modern Beliefs, a non-profit body established to research and critique the modern intellectual estate from a Christian perspective. For 31 issues, Kategoria provided a probing critique of the secular world and offered a reminder that Christianity holds the answers that so many are searching for. Although the journal has finished, Kategoria lives on in these resources of every issue of this acclaimed journal in Adobe PDF format. With articles covering science, ethics, law, philosophy, history and more, these resources are an indispensable tool for research and critical thinking.’

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