Thursday 13 May 2010

The Bible in Transmission (Spring 2010) – Shaping a Nation: The Influence of the Bible on British Culture

The latest issue of The Bible in Transmission, published by the Bible Society, is now online here, sporting a handsome new design.

This one takes its cue from the forthcoming 400th anniversary – in 2011 – of the publication of the King James Version of the Bible, and explores how the Bible has shaped, and continues to shape, the cultural landscape in Britain.

Nick Spencer

Chris Sunderland
When Godly Passions Conflict: A Story

The story of Thomas More and William Tyndale, two determined men who opposed each other and were willing to die for their beliefs.

Henry Wansbrough
Roman Catholics and the Bible in English

An historical account of the relationship between Roman Catholics and the English Bible, from its earliest days to the present.

Stephen R. Holmes
Shaping Our Cultural Memories

The biblical text has had an enormous influence on British culture. But we must also take notice of what is not there.

Luke Walton
A Book of Continuing Universal Significance

An exploration of the continued significance of the Bible in contemporary culture, highlighting some of the initiatives of the 2011 Trust to engage the wider culture with the Bible.

Krish Kandiah
Biblical Echoes in Contemporary Film

A helpful four-part analysis of the way we experience God’s voice echoing through contemporary culture.

Julian Rivers
The Nature and Role of Government in the Bible

In biblical terms government is both legitimate and limited. The political values of the Bible still form the basis of the British political system.

Book Review
The 8 Secrets of Happiness

This book will appeal to everyone who is seeking practical guidance for a happier existence; and it may well attract the attention of grass-root church practitioners looking for a ‘pre-Alpha’ resource that could start their un-churched friends and neighbours off on a spiritual journey.

James Catford
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