Friday 11 September 2009

Christian Doctrine in Global Perspective

This is a series of books produced by a partnership between Langham Literature and IVP. It is published in the UK under the title ‘Global Christian Library’, and in the USA under the title ‘Christian Doctrine in Global Perspective’ (which I think is better suited to the series).

The series preface (available here) draws attention to the shift in the Christian centre of gravity – that ‘there are now many more Christians in Africa, Asia and Latin America than there are in Europe and North America’ (9).

The preface notes that the basic theological texts available to Christians in the southern hemisphere have been written by western authors from a western perspective, which the series seeks to address by having an international authorship. It also expresses the hope that the series will provide an opportunity for western readers to learn from non-western authors, such that ‘biblical understanding will flow freely in all directions’ (10).

These are the titles to date, linked to the USA website, which makes available sample pages.

Samuel Escobar, The New Global Mission: The Gospel from Everywhere to Everyone (2003).

John Stott, Evangelical Truth: A Personal Plea for Unity, Integrity and Faithfulness (2005).

Joe M. Kapolyo, The Human Condition: Christian Perspectives Through African Eyes (2005).

Ida Glasser, The Bible and Other Faiths (2006).

Roland Chia, Hope for the World: A Christian Vision of the Last Things (2006).

Christopher J.H. Wright, Salvation Belongs to Our God: Celebrating the Bible’s Central Story (2008).

Ivan Satyavrata, The Holy Spirit: Lord and Life-Giver (2009).

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