Tuesday 14 July 2009

James E. Davison and Sara Covin Juengst on Exploring Biblical Themes

James E. Davison and Sara Covin Juengst, Journey Through the Word: Exploring Biblical Themes (Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 2003), vii + 103pp., ISBN 0664226167.

In chapters that are typically brief (8-10 pages long), Davison and Juengst explore eight biblical themes:

• Creation
• Covenant
• The People of God
• Sin
• Righteousness
• Hope
• Compassion
• Discipleship

Although these themes recur throughout Scripture, part of the point of the title of the book is that the themes are roughly coordinated with the outline of the biblical story as one journeys through the word.

The book had its origin in an adult Bible class, and lesson plans for each topic include various exercises and ideas for using the material with small groups, designed to help participants relate the biblical theme to their lives.

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